Lean Practices

Specialty places a strong emphasis on Lean Manufacturing ; being aggressively focused on these concepts for several years. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified and have a comprehensive quality system which satisfies the most stringent customer requirements.

Lean Practices include:

  • Strategic Planning & Deployment: Developing breakthrough objectives and annual plans to reach goals.
  • Business Complexity Rationalization: Analyzing and optimizing product and service offerings to reduce costs and organizational burdens.
  • Lean Education and Awareness: Utilizing training classes and kaizen workshops to develop organizational skills critical to achieving and sustaining gains.
  • Lean Operational Excellence: Improving customer satisfaction, business performance, and employee morale, translating into a new market reputation and competitive advantage.
  • Customer Value Innovation: Targeting smart growth innovation, with new product and services introduced, that customers value while controlling complexity.
  • Continuous Improvement Kaizen Culture: Creating a favorable lean learning environment where individuals and teams are respected, challenged and empowered.
  • Lean Supply Chain Partnerships: A primary strategy to increase market penetration, while improving profits, by rapidly flowing information and materials, reducing complexity, cost and inventories, creating a significant competitive differentiator.

Our Efforts are making the difference allowing us to pass on cost savings to our customers. Contact Specialty Printing LLC today to discuss how our Lean initiative can benefit your business.