Types of Labels

Stock Labels:

Stock labels are produced in standard preprinted formats suitable for use by a specific printer model. These labels are commonly referred to as "Thank You" because of the message being preprinted on the label or as “Standard” labels. Specialty Printing Stock Label program maintains floor stock of many of the most popular label types ready for prompt shipment, within 1 to 3 working days.

Security Label/Loss Prevention Program:

Stop the shrink of your meat packages with our new tamper proof scale labels. When a consumer tries to tear off the label the barcode will tear and will not scan correctly at the register. With our unique patent, the diamond security does not interfere with the barcode or the scan rate at the front end. Find additional information for Security Labels here.

Custom Labels:

Custom labels allow the customer to change the preprinted formats and colors of any weigh scale label. The process for ordering “Custom labels” includes creation of artwork (proof), proof approval, generation of printing plates and manufacturing of labels. Specialty Printing has a full Graphics / Design function and additionally has an in-house plate making department to ensure all Custom label orders are processed in a timely manner. This total in-house operation allows Specialty Printing to produce and ship Custom label orders within 7 -10 working days or less after proof approval. We also over a “JIT” program for Custom labels that cut the lead time to 2-3 days.

Frequent Shopper Label:

This label is applied to packaging in the Meat Department. Specialty applies a proprietary deadener on the “Frequent Shopper” tab and incorporates adhesive spots within the design so that the label will adhere to the package while in the Meat Case but when required can be easily removed from the package without tearing the film. This eliminates unnecessary labor and material costs for re-wraps when the function of the deadener works properly.

Mark Down Label:

In addition to Weigh Scale labels we also produce the line of Mark Down labels for all makes and models of hand held printers. We have added the Security label feature to these labels to improve the retailers “Loss Prevention” programs within the store.

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